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Established in 1991 and led by Dr. John Kavanaugh, we are proud to be a family chiropractic clinic in East Hampton and Manhattan, serving people of all ages. You can bring your entire family to us for care, for both acute issues, and for ongoing health wellness, and be secure in the knowledge we will treat everyone safely and in the way that suits them best. We love healing the diverse community of locals and vacationers.

We opened an office in Manhattan because besides being one of the most amazing and energizing cities in the world there was an excitement and demand for my work from my patients there. We’re excited to be available at multiple locations to ensure everyone can have access to the amazing benefits of Chiropractic!

Dr. John Kavanaugh
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A Family Chiropractor

I initially took care of sick infants and children and saw fantastic results. Before long I began working not only on children, their parents, and families too. People loved my care. It’s great seeing a family committed to getting and staying healthy together.

Our Goal

Our Goal at Kavanaugh Chiropractic is to get people healthy and stay healthy without the use of drugs or surgery. We offer therapies that are safe and natural, and designed to help you reach an optimal state of health and pain-free life.

Healing Naturally

We desire to be a forerunner in the healthcare community by setting the standard in quality of care, the effectiveness of treatment, and educating our staff and public of the most effective and beneficial forms of treatment.

Can we help?


The most frequently asked question is “can you help me?”. The answer is “yes”. Our dream for the future would be to see everyone free of sickness and living a healthy, long life. Seeing everyone live past 100 healthfully, physically, mentally, and spiritual would be amazing.

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