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We love that our patients feel inspired to write about the care they received here at Kavanaugh Chiropractic! Here are some of the wonderful letters and comments we have recently received.

Erica Slack

Thank you so much, Dr. Kavanaugh. I have scoliosis and consistent pain in my hips. He literally fixed the pain within one adjustment! I’m so grateful that I found him! No other chiropractor has ever alleviated the pain before! He is also very kind and approachable. I cannot recommend him enough. A+!!!

Michael Abalos

Welcoming environment, knowledgeable staff. Everyone seemed committed to helping others feel their best. Best chiropractic experience I’ve had.

Stephanie Rogers

I have “tech neck” (big time). Dr. Kavanaugh reduced the pain by 90% after four sessions. He was not afraid to really crack my neck as a lot of chiropractors have been in the past. I WILL definitely be going back. Thank you very much!!!

Dash Kolos

I am amazed by Dr Kavanaugh and his gentle touch. I am feeling some major positive shifts in my body after only my 2nd session. I’m looking forward to feeling 100% again. My lower back has been my struggle for years. And for the first time I’m kind of hopeful! And he is a pleasure

Marcelo Alvarez

Awesome chiropractor very friendly and down to earth. The office is in a super nice building in the city on Madison Avenue. The office is very clean and the doctor had me feeling like new with the adjustments to my back and neck. You leave feeling like a million bucks and you continue to reap

Megan Hoche

I received such great care at Kavanaugh Chiropractic. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive. I pulled my back out and was in a lot of pain, and in less than 4 visits I was back to normal and feeling great. I highly recommend it!

Jennie Fortune

First of all, Dr. Kavanaugh is the most friendly person ever. He made feel so comfortable and kept me talking while he was adjusting me. I’ve been having horrible back pains and after seeing him just once, the pain has alleviated. I cannot wait to go back next week. If you’ve had any types of

Jaqueline Hazel B.

Dr. Kavanaugh is amazing! His staff including himself takes great care of their patients. I’ved had some experience with other chiropractors, but Dr. Kavanaugh is one of a kind. His adjustments helped me release alot of back, hip and neck tension! All I can say is that I am very thankful for his adjustments and

Tayana Reyes

How incredibly blessed am I to have found this Doctor! He adjusted me and instantly felt relieved. I’m recommending him to everyone!

andrew norris

Simply life changing. Why I waited years to address something as important as my body is a question I can’t get out of my head. The only thing that takes the regret away is knowing it was probably because I was destined to go to the best place possible. Insane energy there. Thank you dr

Greta Kleckner

Saw me on time, super flexible appointments, friendly staff, and Dr. Kavanaugh was amazing. He listened to me and made sure the adjustments were fixing the problems I had. He assessed my pain and corrected it. Definitely worth returning to make sure my body doesn’t fall back into old patterns!

J Hunter

I’ve been seeing Dr. Kavanaugh for a few weeks now and I have noticed a difference already. I hadn’t expected much initially but am now very invested in seeing what improvements I can make to my quality of life.

Kaitlin Silkowitz

Dr. Kavanaugh has great energy and is a very skilled Chiropractor! I felt comfortable with him on the first visit and he has greatly helped to alleviate my neck and back pain. Thank you Dr. Kavanaugh!

Kendall jones Jones

He is amazing felt relief after just my first adjustment.

Elizabeth Torres

I met Dr. Kavanugh on Park Ave during lunch time one sunny day. I had a good feeling about him then. I decided to give him a chance since I had never been to a chiropractor. I was losing sleep because my arms and hands would go numb. I went to the general doctor and

Shelley Berlincourt

Absolutely amazing chiropractor! I had been struggling with severe lower back pain for quite awhile—it even would wake me up at night—but these adjustments work wonders. Definitely make an appointment and see for yourself!

Colin McGuire

I used to get tension headaches all the time, especially at work and if I was laying in bed. I made an appointment with Dr. Kavanaugh after seeing him online and reading about chiropractic medicine. Dr. Kavanaugh and his staff are very friendly and helpful, I was checked in ready to go in just a

Tyrell Davis

Because of Dr. Kavanaugh I now have the freedom to move my neck anyway I want to after being tense for so long. This is something that you just have to experience.

Teresa Reyes Castillo

The whole office has a positive energy about it, and I like the results from my weekly adjustments.

Joshua Wayne

Dr John Kavanugh is wonderful. He is such an amazing chiropractor and has been helping my neck pain so much. He is very gentle and knows exactly where to find the spot thats causing the pain. Dr John also has a wonderful personality and makes you feel very comfortable its always a pleasure to get

Frankie Nunez

Definitely a positive changing experience. Check him out!

Michael Kagan

Wonderful experience. I feel immediately better after visiting Dr. John. Left so much more flexible and feeling great.

Joann Saul

Thanks so much Dr. Kavanaugh for such great chiropractic care & Congratulations on opening a Manhattan office!


Great! Always so helpful – the staff and team are superb!! Thank you!


I feel that Dr. Kavanaugh is a highly-qualified doctor, where methodology and ability & pin-point and any adjustments are w/o parallel. He is an excellent chiropractor and would not hesitate to recommend his services.


Amazing. Dr. John has seen me every week since the beginning of this year throughout my pregnancy he has released all built up pressure in my back for a very enjoyable pregnancy. I have referred many friends they all enjoy his services


Dr Kavanaugh is remarkably talented and always manages to adjust me so that I feel better than I can remember! He also is such a pleasure to work with and really listens to what is going on before beginning. I won’t go to anyone else; no one should.


Such good vibes at this place.


Dr. John did my adjustments, he was very friendly and helped me feel calm since this was my first ever chiropractor experience. I am looking forward to my next visit in a few weeks!

Jan New York

Dr. Kavenaugh can fix you. I AM NOT KIDDING. He saved me from surgery on 4 bulging discs that I developed after years of writing on unrelenting deadlines sitting on bad chairs and hunching over killer keyboards while peering into computer screens. By the time I went to him my right hand could no longer


It was super quick. His staff and awell as himself are very nice and professional


Wonderful first experience at the chiropractor!


Wonderful atmosphere and super adjustment. I will come again


Great fast service. Good vibes office


That guy’s enthusiastic af lol I love it tho


If you are looking for a quick and effective chiropractic adjustment this is the place for you! I wish I had more time to ask Dr. Kavanaugh some questions but we were limited to ten minutes. On the bright side, I have three more adjustments left to ask him more questions.


It was great. Everytime I saw him I felt so much better especially in my neck area.


The most friendly and cool. I totally felt at ease. My back and body are feeling great — pain gone, and I can’t wait to come back. Thank You Dr. Kavanaugh!


Nice guy but the experience went too quickly


The atmosphere is friendly as is Dr. Kavanaugh. This was my first time visiting a Chiropractor. The experience was awesome and Dr. Kavanaugh was very welcoming!


He is very informative and friendly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking an amzing chiropractor.


Very friendly receptionist. They text you appointment reminders. I was seated in the room the receptionist handed me an iPad that played an informational video that contained the reason why you are feeling pain from the top of your spin all the way to the tail bone. They X-rays are top notch and doesn’t require


When I got there it was very fast. He did a good job, very cool Guy


Everyone in the office was so friendly and Dr. Kavanaugh was great! Highly recommended.


Excellent adjustment! I’ll definitely be back I’m happy I got this.


Mind blowing magical hands! Very professional staff.


It was amazing. The doctor was great. Very friendly and funny


Great staff. Dr. John worked his magic on me and I can’t wait til my next visit.


Dr.Kavanaugh is so cool. He is very professional and the office is an intimate good vibes space. He is so freaking awesome and he gets straight to the issue. He is passionate about his practice.


Honestly the best experience possible. Dr. Kavanaugh is incredibly knowledgeable but also sensitive and open minded. A visit to his office is always fun-feel-good-uplifting experience. My spine is thankful


This is an amazing service, everyone should most definitely get up on this. An absolute must for sure!


LOVEEEEEEEE IT!!!!! just wish is was longer😩🤣


I had put my back out and was in bed for a week. I went to Dr. Kavanaugh for an adjustment and he really helped me. It’s a quick appointment that I feel taken care of but I don’t have to spend an entire morning/afternoon to go to an appointment. Great, would recommend.


A Zen office with a friendly receptionist who was helpful in making an appointment right away. Dr. Kavanaugh is a joyful, empathetic professional who has the midas touch.

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